1 Race...Human
We're in this thing called life together.


There's 1 Race...It's Human.

Flagship Message Tee . Women's Tee . White on Pink by 1RaceHuman.com
Flagship Message Tee . Women's Tee . White on Pink . Click image to get yours today.

"Race" where does it start...where does it end? There is 1 Race...and it is Human. Some people discriminate and define other people based merely on a person's skin color or this myth called "race"...which makes about as much sense as choosing one's alliances based on how many stars are on the belly of Dr. Suess' fictional Sneetches. It's time to set the record straight...there are many ethnicities and cultures...but there is only one race. We're spreading the word and reminding each other that a little love and kindness go a very long way. <3

Expectant Mom's tee shirt.
A baby is a baby...a human is a human...tees 'talk'. Click image to order yours.

Welcome to 1RaceHuman.com

Like art and message tees whose message sends a positive message into the world? Are you tired of the hatred that's spread because of discrimination based on race? Us too.

Love trumps any type of hatred any day. Join us...let's talk through our tees, and more importantly through the way we live our lives, who we speak up for, and what we support. 


Introducing the Flagship Tee

We released our first t-shirt design on  8/7/2016! We hope you like it.

The tee shirt (available here: http://bit.ly/2aDVZOq) is a simple reminder that we're more alike than we are different and that we can do more good by working with one another than we ever can by spreading hate. (click here for more info.)

Kindness...spread it.
The black '1 Race...Human' tee matches everything.
Women's Flagship Black Message Tee by 1 Race...Human
Women's Flagship Message Tee in Black